This live wireless IP streaming video camera is setup in my basement, near the furnace, where (4) cats like to hang out. Watch closely for the mouse who defies death by stealing cat food right from under the noses of those who could make a meal of him/her, if they wanted to?

After clicking on the link below, you will be brought to a screen for User(Name) and Password. Enter:
User Name: guest
Password: guest

You will next be sent to a screen to select your viewing method:
Click on Active X Mode if your web browser is Internet Explorer (You may have to accept/allow updates/upgrades)
Click on Server Push Mode for all other computer based browsers (ie: FireFox, Opera, Safari, Netscape, etc...)
Click on Mobil Phone if using a smart phone

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Everyone has the ability to control the camera by clicking on the directional arrows or "Preset" (Click on Go after selection) numbers. Please return to "Preset 1" when done ..... Thanks!

Click Here To View The Basement CritterCam