Uncle Bill's Diner LIVE 24/7 CritterCam

This live wireless IP streaming video camera is set up in my barn at a feral cat feeding station/shelter. It documents the seeming symbiotic relationship between various species including: Raccoons, Opossums, Skunks, Gophers, Cats, Mice (Sometimes?) and whoever else wanders in. Best viewing times are after sunset and before sunrise (Approx. 9 PM - 5 AM EST.)

After clicking on the link below, you will be brought to a screen for User(Name) and Password. Enter:
User Name: guest1
Password: guest1

Depending on your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc...) you may need to install a plug-in when prompted on your first visit to the site, it is absolutely safe to do so regardless of what your anti-virus protection may tell you (If a software provider does not pay what amounts to extortion to a security provider, the security provider will flag the download in retribution - Such is our capitalistic business model!). Also, depending on your graphics display capability, you may have to adjust the resolution setting by clicking on a number located near the bottom of the screen:
1) 1280x800 pixels (Largest display format)
2) 640x400 pixels (All computers should be able to display this resolution and those following)
3) 320x192 pixels (Small display format)
4) 160x96 pixels (Smallest display format)

Click Here To Print These Instructions Before Proceeding

PLEASE NOTE: The wi-fi wireless signal to and from the camera, located approx. 150' away in another building, is sometimes a bit weak due to distance in conjunction with weather/atmospheric conditions. Comments are welcomed at billcarney@billcarney.net

Also, all guests have the ability to control the camera by clicking on the directional arrows. Please return to "Home" position (Go To: Home) when done exploring ..... Thanks!

Click Here To View Uncle Bill's Diner LIVE 24/7 CritterCam In The Barn

Click Here For Instructions To View Uncle Bill's Diner LIVE 24/7 CritterCam In The Basement